A Modern Workforce

Empowers Teams

The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, never-before-seen business models, and complex security issues. The right digital tools are necessary to connect and support employees, wherever they are, to drive productivity, engagement, and collaboration.

Krilotek is working with businesses to modernize their IT systems: To be smart, efficient, cost effective, adding mission-critical security and seamlessly integrate productivity applications.

Your Modernized Team

37% of the global workforce is mobile.1

Internal, External & Remote

People need to connect and communicate across organizations, locations & time zones. We can introduce secure collaboration tools to remote workers, vendors, and other outside collaborators.

By 2025, Millennials will account for over 75% of workers.2

Diverse Workforce

Millennials have different expectations, preferences, skillsets, and abilities. Attracting top tier talent by offering state of the art tools align with expectations and can deliver a healthy work-life balance.

People work on twice as many teams and spend 50% more time collaborating.1

Productivity & Engagement

Globally, employee engagement is at 15%, but at the best performing companies, employee engage hovers near 70%. These organizations enjoy profits that 21% higher than their peers. We introduce low-code development tools to bring together team resources all in one place to free up time to pursue business leads.

Adjusting to the Pandemic

Change is coming quick to the way modern organizations conduct business, and as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the business world as we know it will likely never be the same again. Companies need to embrace remote working as part of their businesses model, and they need the infrastructure to support it.

Krilotek can support you in those efforts, providing tools and capabilities that allow your organization to:

  • Integrate Social Distancing in Your Business Model
  • Bring the Team Back to Work in Moderation
  • Facilitate Rotating Schedules
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Improve IT Security for New & Existing Digital Tools

A Roadmap to Modernization

Krilotek will work with your organization’s stakeholders to build a modern workforce. Today, workplace success depends on enabling teams to achieve more together, manage communications and collaborate across a mobile infrastructure. No one strategy is the same. We assist your organization to securely connect all your employees and make your business more agile, compliant and more productive.

Digital Process Automation

A Digital Transformation

Krilotek is working with businesses to improve customer-and-employee-centric systems. When properly done, digitizing processes and introducing new tools like Low-Code Development, Serverless Applications and API Integrations, businesses can improve company culture so that employees focus on the customer experience rather than tedious or repetitive tasks.

Low-Code Development

Employees become more customer focused.

Deliver Apps, Automation & Workflows

Application Development for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) was once considered an expensive investment. Krilotek puts these tools at your fingertips in a seamless, cost-efficient manner, offering your organization an affordable approach to solving complex business issues. Krilotek can assist your company with introducing and implementing these Low-Code Tools.

Skilled Workers - The use of Low-Code Tools allows your workforce to acquire software developer-like skills. It enables teams to quickly produce, test and deliver technology - Build Apps, Analyze Data, Automate Processes and Create Virtual Agents.

Exponential Efficiency - Low-Code Tools allow businesses to centralize project management info and provide a streamlined view of where a given project sits in a pipeline. This enables your organization to cut layers of project management overhead while solutions are built in-house by a small number of workers, thereby exponentially driving cost reduction.

Greater Diversity - Low-Code Tools allow workers from different departments, like Management, Sales, Accounting or Production the opportunity to create and integrate applications. This dynamic of department-heads becoming developers allow for new points-of-view that may otherwise not be discovered when desinging new applications.

Serverless Applications

One hub for business. Not many.

Centralized Systems Deliver Better Products

Using cloud-based platforms like Azure and AWS, Serverless Applications provide a low-risk and flexible approach to building business processes and client solutions. Krilotek is helping business to deliver and deploy applications in this manor, leveraging our expertise to provide you with cost-effective project plans.

Extend Third-Party Services - The availability of third-party software systems is staggering in scope and growing by the day. We can leverage our knowledge of these tools to help streamline and enhance business processes. When properly done, API Integrations allow for organizations to scale capabilities quickly.

Increased Resiliency - Krilotek can help you deploy your organization’s digital catalogue of tools to a serverless framework, increasing business resiliency and decreasing the likelihood of an outage. Each function is executed independently from others, so any function failure does not affect the overall application performance.

Reduced Cost - Serverless architecture can help reduce the infrastructure cost of your application, as the components will be running and consuming only as much computing power as needed. Avoid charges for idle time and only pay for the resources you use.

Scalability - When you go serverless, scalability is no longer a problem. You scale as much as you want and quickly distribute computing resources when necessary. If cost out-weighs the benefits, easily scale back.

Serving Artificial Intelligence

The Business Advantage

AI Services allow new and creative ways to address organizational issues that could not have been automated in the past. Krilotek has been working with AI and Machine Learning tools across various industries giving us an edge in leveraging these tools for practical deployments within an organization.

These AI Services provide a wide range of benefits, including business analytics, customer services, operational automation, inventory management and recruitment. More importantly many AI Services are now designed specifically for cloud-based integrations, and Krilotek can easily help to deploy.

Let AI tools process repeatable tasks.

AI on the Edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing technologies allow us to efficiently deliver applications at scale locally on sensors. By adding artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, code functions and stream analytics locally, we introduce real-world data into our digital landscape.

Embedded AI, IoT System Design, Edge Deployments, Intelligent Apps & Analytics, Event-Driven Processing

Computer Vision gives us a new stream of data.

Computer Vision

Computer vision technologies are essential for applications that interact with the real-world. When processing and analyzing digital image data we begin to provide a high-dimensional view of all activities within a space. Agile AI Apps and predictive analytic tools enable access to in-depth data pools and create stronger business intelligence.

Object Detection, Fault Detection, Quality Assurance, Facial Recognition, Detecting Demographics, Video Analytics, Custom Model Systems, Agile AI apps.

Tech Intensity

A Cloud Strateigy that’s Secure, Flexible and Affordable.

Simply put, Cloud Computing enables organizations to be flexible and more innovative. With the proper architecture, incorporating Cloud Computing can not only be cost-effective, but can also create a business infrastructure that is reliable, secure, and able to keep pace with new technologies.

Krilotek can help you integrate a cloud strategy that can reduce your operating life-cycle-cost, especially when compared to maintaining in-house servers and applications. Our expertise is not just knowing the tools on the market today, but in also knowing how to transform legacy systems into Agile IT resources.

Technology Intensity Defined

  • Adopt a hyper-scale cloud platform strategy to manage cost.
  • Find a rational business decision to invest in digital capabilities.
  • Focus on building technology that customers can trust through security.

Cloud Computing - Strategic, Rational, Trustworthy

Reduce Major Capital Expenditures - Why pay for expensive hardware when you do not have to? As a subscription service, a cloud-based infrastructure frees you from upfront capital expenses and the time it takes to manage services locally. That means you can focus on what is important: running your business.

Business Continuity - We all know that a data disaster is a business disaster. Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage at best and drag down your organization’s reputation at worst. With cloud-based tools, we can help ensure your apps work when you need them the most—without the expense of a secondary infrastructure. Do not be the company without a plan.

Pay for What You Use - Sometimes you need more capacity, sometimes you need less. Cloud platforms can easily stretch to meet seasonal needs according to business growth and demands.

A Tiered Approach - Moving to the cloud should not be an all-or-nothing decision. And More importantly, it should not be a hassle. You can move any or all your business applications on a timeline that suits your business needs. From Accounting and Human Resources to Commerce and Customer Service Management, there's a place for everything on the cloud.

Security, Security, Security & Compliance - Safeguard your business with unmatched security management and threat protection for all applications and data, whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Teamwork Assessment

Krilotek has extensive experience building systems designed to enhance organizational teamwork. We can work with you to build an infrastructure that is secure, efficient, and collaborative, helping your organization to work more efficiently and generate new opportunities.

The Teamwork Assessment Provides:

  • An In-depth review of all current collaboration tools.
  • An analysis of organizational challenges and objectives.
  • A prioritized list of actionable roadmap items.
  • A roadmap to integrating your personalized action plan.
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